Growing Together in 2018

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A Fresh Palette.. 

A new year and a new you, right? It's easy to set goals for yourself, but the challenge is keeping them in sight.

Pass the wine ~ Share your chocolate with me ~ I’ll do it tomorrow ~ Just one more episode on Netflix ~ Ten more minutes of sleep ~ One more cup of coffee ~ I walked all day I don’t need to exercise ~ This has dairy so it’s healthy, right?

Time to Focus

Alright, alright I am guilty of all of them, what about you? Do you catch yourself saying any of these regularly? It’s now the beginning of 2018 and I have sat down and made my ever-growing list of things to do and changes to make in my life.

Let’s admit it, if your list is anything like mine and you are a go-getter you probably find yourself trying to focus on a million things at once like your business/work, home renovations, family, friends, social gatherings and oh my goodness you still need an outfit for each engagement! Don’t panic, while I share a few of my New Year’s resolutions with you I am also going to give you some new ideas on how to improve the cold wintery days ahead.

Create a Vision

Before we jump into a few of them it’s important for you to get organized and get your goals on paper. If you are a visual person like me you can do a VISION BOARD. Studies show that keeping your goals in sight increases your chances of achieving them, so I decided it was important to get my staff together to create our individual vision boards. We touched on both personal and business aspects of our lives and I know by creating a hard copy of our goals and sharing with others we will hold ourselves accountable, and will help keep each other on track! I loved having a chance to craft over tea with my ladies and chat about the exciting year ahead. 

Step by step

  1. Buy a bristol board from Dollarama 
  2. Visualize your future plans - both personal and professional
  3. Get it down on paper
  4. Collect all your magazines and look for pictures that ping your heart
  5. Look for words that represent you and your beliefs (or get stickers to write them out)
  6. Now go for it and bring your vision to life
  7. Don't let it sit around - take action
  8. Be grateful


               If you still aren’t sure what a vision board is click here to hop over to my Pinterest for a bit more visual inspiration!


My personal goal....

If you know my family and I then you know we have a HUGE faith in God. We know that without him none of this is possible. So this year my biggest goal is for my family and I to grow deeper in his love, pray more, and be more active in the church.”

Attention Weight Watchers! 

One of my larger goals is something that I feel like many of you can relate to – I want to get healthy, eat right, exercise, and lose this extra 40lbs (yes, I know I am setting the bar high, but you know me – I’m a go-getter!). I’m excited to say that I have joined Weight Watchers (for anyone reading who is also a part of the online support system my connect link is: thepediaries), and look forward to the positive changes that it will bring about in my life! I’m ready to commit, focus, and share the ups and downs of my journey with you all. 



Burn Baby Burn

So, if you’re like me and looking for ways to increase your activity levels – read on. I know sometimes this time of year it’s difficult to make yourself go outside any more than necessary, but fresh air and a bit of exercise can go a long way in improving your mindset and providing some quality family time. It may be chilly out – but find ways to keep moving so you stay toasty warm! A personal favourite of mine is a little retail therapy. You might be thinking “Liz, really,” but did you know the average person burns up to 200 calories an hour shopping? – YES PLEASE! And don’t forget the Oshawa mall has now expanded and it is perfect for laps. Don’t worry, I get that shopping might not be the best option for your family so here is a few local ideas:  Go ice skating (indoor OR outdoor)! If you live in the Durham area have a look at the City of Oshawa skating schedule. You could also go snowshoeing or find trails to walk through this beautiful winter wonderland! I bet you didn’t know there are over 350km of trails in and around Durham. If snowshoeing is a bit tame for your liking and you would rather head over to the hills for a bit of local skiing or snowboarding, Brimacombe is officially open! Not sure how you would fare on a pair of skis and a little bit nervous for your kids to give it a go? You’re in luck as January is Learn To Ski & Snowboard Month at Brimacombe and they are offering some incredible deals for the family! 

Most of us know that Canada has really been laying on the cold weather these past couple of weeks so maybe it isn’t so easy to get the kids out of the house? I may not be a fan of regular video games, but a Wii is something that the kids LOVE and can offer fun for the whole family without ever leaving your living room! As a bonus, it’s a great calorie-burner (as long as you aren’t playing it with a side of chips and chocolate!). 


Sacrifices & Eating Right

Do any of you find yourself going through the Tim Hortons or Starbucks drive-thru every day?? I have certainly been guilty of this, but this is going to be my year where I cut back on this, and give up those REALLY yummy french toast bagels from Tim Hortons (I can’t believe I am saying this,) for the benefits to my health AND wallet. Take a moment to think just how much you would save by breaking your fast-food and coffee-on-the-go habits. Convenient options sure can be tempting, but they do not benefit you in the long run. This year, I will be focusing on meal prepping at home to help me resist ordering that muffin or bagel - which may look innocent enough, but sure packs on the calories quickly! How many of you have that pair of jeans in the closet that you keep telling yourself you'll fit back into one day? Well, I am really looking forward to kissing these pounds goodbye and fitting back into all my beautiful dresses, but also because I look forward to feeling better all around, and you can too! Consequently, I need to find replacements to keep my health goals on track. Here are a few meals that I am excited to try in 2018 and if you decide to give them a go as well then send me a message and let me know which one was your favourite!



Bringing Back the Romance

So now that the kids are taken care of and our bellies are full it’s time to focus on YOU and your partner. Everyone knows that life can be hectic over the holidays and even when you go to a party together it usually ends up with you talking to all your girlfriends and him hanging with the fellas. So ask yourself when is the last time you guys had some romantic one-on-one time with no kids and no technology? I am not talking about the 20 minutes in bed that you had before passing out from exhaustion, or the couple hours you spent running errands and having a quick lunch somewhere. Are you struggling to come up with an answer? If so, it’s time to organize a date with your man or woman, so put your phone down, have a shower, do your hair and dress accordingly to what you have planned. 

I think sometimes we assume a romantic date will take a lot of effort, time, or cost too much (especially if your pockets are a little empty from a pricey Christmas), but this is not the case. The most important part of a romantic date is quality time so I want to share with you a few low cost date ideas.





Prioritize YOU

My plans to grow my business and give back to the community are very important to me, but this year I am going to make a tremendous effort to work on myself as well. Without a healthy, happy me it is unrealistic to think that I can achieve all of my business goals running on low fuel – and the same goes for you! So this year on top of eating well, drinking more water, and doing my best to get enough sleep, I am going to make it a priority to take a vacation with my family and maybe even find a bit of time to plant a few flowers this summer while sitting in the sun with a crisp glass of Chardonnay.

I pray this year is a prosperous year for you all and wish you nothing but blessings and happiness in 2018.

Love, Liz xo